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Ustad Jee Online

Get help from qualified Ustad Jee in the safe and secure environment of your home. Whether you need help in a specific topic or you need full educational support for a subject, Ustad Jee Online will provide you with well-established Ustad Jee to deepen your understanding of topics and enhance your learning experience.


How Online Teaching Works?


Teaching Philosophy

Live & Interactive

All Ustad Jee provide you with live and interactive teaching in an online environment. Students can ask questions about whatever they want on pre-decided topics - just like a traditional class.

Top Class Prep Material

Ustad Jee choose top-class reading material for you based on your preferences and required level of understanding, maximizing the educational outcomes. We can also provide you with specially designed material, if needed.

Customized Sessions

We always encourage clarity and transparency. Students inform Ustad Jee about their intended learning outcomes before hand and provide feedback periodically for the improvement of the teaching style of the instructor. Ustad Jee ensure that every student get a unique experience well-suited for him/her.


Providing online and interactive teaching services all across the nation


Why Choose Us?

Highly Qualified Ustad Jee

Safe Environment

National Outreach

Our Ustad Jee come from diverse backgrounds and are highly qualified. Their only passion is to teach with the objective of assured learning for students. Our profile pages give a deeper understanding of the teaching style, profile and course offerings of different Ustad Jee.

Students always face challenge in terms of limited timing. Commuting has always been taxing even before the current epidemic. We are quite flexible in terms of offered timings and that too in the safe environment of your home.

For a big country like Pakistan, geographic boundaries of cities and villages should not be a handicap for learning. Whether you are sitting in the beautiful scenes of Balochistan or the hilly areas of KPK, our Ustad Jee are ready to help you whenever you want. You just need a laptop and a good internet connection.

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