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Polices for Buyers

  1. If you are interested in buying any product, drop us an email  with the name of the seller and the product as well as the delivery address.

  2. To purchase any material or avail of any service, send us an email at Making payment directly in response to these announcements is strictly prohibited.

  3. For Digital and Physical products, we will send you payment instructions.

  4. Digital courses, notes and videos are sent to you electronically within 48 hours of receiving payment. Return of these products is not possible under any condition.

  5. Please note that all our digital courses, notes and videos are copyrighted material with strong enforcement of industry standard Digital Rights Management (DRM). These cannot be downloaded or printed; however, you can access them on any device of your choice (including mobile, tablets and desktops) for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We strongly respect and enforce copyrights of others and any violation is not tolerated from buyers and sellers. In addition to checking it regularly ourselves, we take immediate action if we receive any such complaint.

  6. You will receive physical books and notes in 10 working days through registered post. If the product appears to be different than the one advertised. You can return it in 3 working days and get your full refund.

Polices for Sellers

  1. You can only make one post in a week. Multiple posts will be deleted.

  2. Providing any false information, using offensive language or any violation of copyrights is taken very seriously and will result in proceeding by our legal team.

  3. It is not allowed to give your email address, phone or any other identifiable information aimed at direct selling. It will result in immediate ban on your membership status.

  4. While posting advertisement for selling educational goods and services is free; on actual sale, an appropriate commission will be deducted, and it varies from product to product. If you need information about some specific product or educational service, please get in touch by email before posting the product and our staff will be happy to provide you the required information.

  5. To safeguard your digital courses, videos and notes, we strongly encourage you to use our Digital Rights Management (DRM) service to restrict any unauthorized usage. It ensures that these products will be used only by authentic sales made through us. You do not need to pay anything for this service separately.


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