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Online education is a more practical way for modern students to enhance their learning, but it may require significant efforts from an Ustad Jee to be invested in an online session. We have discovered that online teaching takes a lot of time - even more than what is required in regular pedagogy. But let's not discourage you from this. In later sessions, early hard work pays off. Here are some prescribed strategies by us that we want you to follow as our Ustad jee.


  1. Get to know your software(s) well before the session.

  2. Let students know well in advance if they need to read something before-hand.

  3. Make your virtual blackboards before the session looks professional and exciting.

  4. Prepare offline work and assignments for students (to be given later) before the session.

  5. Plan your session time in detail.

  6. Ask the right questions to understand the required level of explanation.

  7. Watch student engagement and adjust for better participation from all.

  8. Generate ideas for your next session while teaching a session.

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Motivating Student at Ustad Jee Online

Throughout their academic lives, students who are inspired and engaged in learning are more successful. Here are some of the ways through which students can be motivated further by Ustad Jee.


Endogenous Motivation

Students prefer to learn and do well when they are more internally inspired than externally.


Target Setting and Achievement

Students tend to work and interpret knowledge more thoroughly while following targets instead of success expectations in light of challenging tasks.


Expectations of Ustad Jee

The perceptions of teachers for their students influence the learning opportunities, motivation and results of students.


Fixing of goals

Setting short-term, precise and moderately difficult targets increases motivation rather than long-term, general and exceedingly demanding goals.

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