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How to Prepare for Exams?

Start early

From the beginning of your course, you should start preparing for the exam and develop hints and tricks. Please make and review your notes for every lecture so that you can learn properly and thoroughly. Start revising further around four weeks before the tests. Download and follow a weekly schedule on your mobile or PC. Use your long commutation times wisely. Work in small intervals to remain focused.

Organize the content for each topic

For every lesson, gather books, notes, and resources. Be sure that you have a comprehensive collection of documents and their back up. Test if they suit the topics of the course.

When you skip classes, borrow class notes from another student and check all available lecture slides and handouts.

Summarize and prepare notes

Rewriting the key learning lets you keep topics in mind. Don't copy the original text. The aim should be to read and remember what you wrote, what you noticed, why, and how to effectively and memorably outline your remarks. So, in your own words, edit them. When you stop reviewing a portion of documentation, ask yourself contextual questions and see if you have recalled what you wrote. Clarify the meaning of all terms or definitions before learning them. If the understanding isn't apparent, it won't help to memorize it. In each session, priority should be given to the toughest topics. Provide more flexibility to work on the subjects that are the toughest.

Be Creative

Research different topics according to your way of learning. Diagrams and pictures will help you understand things visually. Be creative and explore different approaches to enable you to remember relevant information and grasp the main concepts. There are various apps on mobile phones and computers to make flashcards.

Make Study Groups

Find friends and schedule time together to explore different topics together. You can find like-minded friends in e-cafeteria on Ustad Jee Online. Helping one another with difficult problems works both ways.

Check Past Papers

Find and practice the past papers under test environments and analyze the responses carefully. This helps you replicate the exam conditions and goes a long way in scoring high in actual tests.

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