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Should you take the CFA Examination?

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) examination is a three-stage test to improve your career in the financial sector. If you are unsure about taking or not taking the test and want to know more, use this information to make an informed decision on the value of this daunting certification.

It improves your career in finance

Globalization and growth of the financial services market over the last several decades have led to an increase of the CFA Charter as an industry gold standard. In recruiting decision-making, the CFA classification started to be used by world-leading investment banks, fund managers, and even accounting companies (including financial services advisory arms). For those interested in following a career in the broader financial field, the CFA charter may be a valuable differentiation.

Strong financial sector knowledge

As you already know, it is difficult to pass the CFA exams. The content is very detailed, thorough, and regularly updated. All in all, it's not that difficult to understand – all the information is stored concurrently and put into effect under time pressure. This is an indication of your excellent financial skills and credentials if you succeed in obtaining the charter. The curriculum is also continuously updated to take into account recent developments and events so that you can always draw on the latest expert insights and discussions.

Global Recognition

The CFA Charter is one of the world's most respected certifications. The big thing about this global recognition is the more significant foreign job opportunities for CFA charter holders. Of instance, if you intend to go overseas, employers will still be favorably regarded in their recruiting process if the CFA charter is won elsewhere. It's the same test, so applicants receive their charters worldwide.

Mix with the other degrees

All is about your personal interests and circumstance. Whether you are looking for a certification to improve your financial career or to develop your financial qualifications, you are highly encouraged to choose the CFA.

When you are looking for specific credentials to develop your career in the banking and insurance industry, a degree in financial engineering or MBA might be better. However, you can still combine any of the chosen ways to progress better.

This helps you to get a career and higher salaries

There is nothing that you can put on paper that will guarantee a job. Recruitment is a multi-stage operation. The interview is based on your resume and networking skills, and the interview is what gets you the job. Nonetheless, CFA gives you great pride in work interviews. Several reports indicate the considerably higher wages of CFA charters operating in financial companies worldwide. That's a strong ROI.

Ultimately, it is sufficient to conclude that obtaining a CFA charter will open up more doors for you in finance and make pursuing other jobs more accessible. This would give you more versatility and better pay than if you did not have a CFA charter in your career.

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