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Which ones are the top 5 hardest A-Levels?

Students doing their A-Levels often tend to suggest that their subjects are the most challenging, even though they may seem easy to others. Although all A-Levels are indeed tricky, there are still those that seem to be a lot tougher than the rest of them. Let's hope this article addresses once and for all on which 5 A-Levels are the toughest of all.

1. Further Maths

It's obvious that Further Maths is going to be difficult. This takes the usual math way further, so typically even the most committed mathematicians take it and are not recommended for faint-hearted students.

2. History

It is a subject that requires a lot of memorization of names, dates, and places. It also mandates that you find the ideal memory and excellent analysis technique. It takes significant time and practice to find the best way to write your responses, so it's seen to be a difficult A level.

3. English literature

You will have many quotes to learn from your whole syllabus, and your essay-writing style has to be also excellent. Tests standards move upwards dramatically from GCSE to A level, and scoring good grades is going to be tougher.

4. Chemistry

It is often referred to as the most challenging science because of the vast quantity of information needed and the need to apply it in so many different contexts. Some of the principles you need to know are very confusing when you reach them, and there are often more exceptions to the rule than there are examples.

5. Psychology

Although the majority of students find it to be a 'simple' subject, it is still tough to revise. You will memorize some key terminologies, their background studies, and prepare your experiments to learn more about the various methods of study. Even if the content is not hard, there is a lot of it to cover.

This list is definitely not complete, and so many other challenging subjects are also available. The ranking is based on students' opinions, but it can vary for everyone. Choose a subject which you love to study, and excellence will be on the way.

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